When a company produces waste, it impacts negatively on its profile. Copy paper is the most important item used in a business. You can start your journey of reducing waste by using ordinary paper. In this article, I will discuss 10 ways which will be proven worthy in order to reduce waste by using less copy paper. Here are these ways which will help you in this regard:

Make double-sided copies

Reuse copy paper by which is already being printed on at one side. You need to print the other side as well in order to save money and reduce waste.


Share information with the aid of email among the office employees and wherever needed more frequently.

Circulate reports or periodicals

Rather than distributing individual copies, circulate reports or periodicals. Even better, send staffers an e-mail update of what materials are newly available, and ask then to walk down the hall to the office library to check out a copy.

Redesign Forms

You need to redesign the forms on half pages or double sided if needed.

Recycle and reuse paper

Reuse envelopes and use two-way envelopes. Make scratch pads from used paper.

Update mailing lists

You need to update mailing lists on regular basis and include just one address for each recipient.

Mail less, save more

You need to mail less in order to ensure more savings.

Donate old magazines

You need to donate old magazines to schools, clinics, and libraries as one person’s trash is treasure for someone else.

Store documents electronically

You need to store the important documents electronically as it will help you to lose the burden of files in your office or workplace.

Print more stuff on a page

You need to print as much on a single page as you can. It will surely help you to save money and reduce waste.

I hope this article will help you to know about how to save money and reduce waste by using less copy paper.

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