There are huge number of office supplies which are used in the office on daily basis. It is important to keep an eye on the office supplies left in the office and if there is any need of further office supplies. A checklist of items on the base of their categories can help you to save a lot of time. The checklist can be a simple written paper or it can be made on the Microsoft Excel as well.

The categories of the office supplies can be writing supplies, printing supplies, filing supplies, and conference room supplies. You need to add the items which are used in the relevant fields in your office.

Writing supplies

Writing supplies are the most necessary supplies of the office and they include pens, pencils, markers, and coloring pens. These accessories are used on daily basis for signatures, reports, and summaries.

Printing Supplies

An office without a printer is not an office at all. You have to print something if you are holding an office. Printing supplies include printers, ink, toner, printing papers, and other items related to the printing.

Filing Supplies

You will surely deal with files in your offices. You have to keep your office clean by placing the files at the right place. Filing supplies include binders, labels, wall pockets which can be bought in bulk from online stores.

Conference room supplies

Conference or meeting rooms have some important supplies for the proper operation. Conference room supplies include audio tapes, video tapes, jumpers, presentation equipment, white or black board, and flip charts. 

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