Our Suppliers Love Us

And why not? Our high performance partners for materials, parts and services demand excellence, transparency and cooperation. And we have all those traits and then some. Not to mention that we always pay on time. 

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We have 15+ suppliers and never missed a payment date. Nine are paid on a COD basis. We just love paying our suppliers.

Long Term

We are willing to engage in a long term partnership. All our current suppliers have been with us from the very start.


We have a sustainable and win-win relationship with all our suppliers. In addition, we aim for fair, trusting and long term collaboration.

Our Simple Procurement Process

Our supply chain process begins with a Purchase Order. From there, communication is critical in confirming and delivering the Purchase Order.

Purchase Order

Confirmation of Purchase Order

Deliver to our Warehouse


Increase Your Bottomline

Total purchase amount per year per product category. Would be suppliers would be delighted to know that we purchase items, products and services on a consistent basis.

Rounded down to the nearest thousand. Data for 2018 as of June 30, 2018.

Let's Work Together!

Our suppliers help us meet the needs of our customers. You are welcome to join us as a supplier. Being our supplier will easily increase your bottomline.

What We Expect

  • Our customers expect quality products. Quality should never be sacrificed at any cost
  • Willingness for a long term business partnership
  • Transparency and openness in the business partnership. If you cannot supply the necessary products, let us know and we will work something out
  • Delivery within the agreed delivery term. Delays should be communicated properly and avoided if necessary

What We Offer

  • Consistent purchases on a weekly or monthly basis. Our system generates a Purchase Order and will be emailed to you
  • Up to date payments all the time. You will not encounter any payment delays from us
  • Fair, trusting and long term business partnership
  • Excellent communication and collaboration. We always engage our suppliers on how to make more competitive products
  • We always treat our business partners, whether customers, dealers or supplier, with respect, fairness and integrity at all times.
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Be Our Supplier. Contact Us Now.

Help us help you build your bottomline. We welcome long term partnerships with high performance, quality suppliers.

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