Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about Mostaco Marketing and our products.

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Getting Started

Potential questions from potential customers.

Yes we are. Mostaco Marketing is a sole proprietor business registered with DTI and VAT registered with BIR. We have all the necessary permits to run a business. If your company requires those permits, you can ask it from us.

Furthermore, we are PhilGEPS registered. We have processed orders from different government agencies. As you know, government agencies are bound by strict procurement requirements and rules.

We have a business address in Las Pinas. Our office and warehouse are located in BF Resort. We have free delivery within Metro Manila but can deliver within Metro Manila and nearby Laguna, Cavite and Batangas provinces. We have delivered as far north as Nueva Ecija and as far south as Romblon. We go the extra mile so you can get your products.

Yes we are. We are able to give payment terms to 87% of our customers. It means that close to 9 out of 10 customers are on payment terms. All our accounts payable are paid on time. If you dig financial ratios, our current ratio for 2017 was 2.86 and our quick ratio was 2.22. Our cash ratio for 2017 was 0.80.

You can check out our blog post for our 2017 Annual Report to learn more about our financials.

You can order through our Mostaco Shop or you can call us to talk to one of our account executives. If a deal is made and we have the ordered items on stock, expect your orders the next business day.

We are an efficient bunch. During the day we process close to 100+ quotations and 50+ sales orders and packing slips. That would overwhelm a lot of small teams. However, we welcome the challenge. We have a good sales process that Zoho Books as order management and Quickbooks for invoicing. Both are synced so that deals, follow ups, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices are never missed.

In addition, we have a delivery route scheduling system that plots the most optimized delivery route for our delivery team.

We have numerous customers within Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Some of our customers required us to sign a non confidentiality so we cannot divulge their name. Our customers include one of the biggest convenience stores and one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country. We can give you references if your purchase bid requires us to do so.

You sure can. You can contact us to know more about our dealer prices.

We have a solid business partnership with our current suppliers but we welcome new suppliers on board. You can contact us so we can talk about it.


Always on stock and ready to be delivered.

We sell continuous forms, copy papers, inks and toners, office supplies, POS journal papers, POS ribbons and thermal papers.

We sell all types of continuous forms. We sell all sizes and have the different plys for continuous forms. We have carbon and carbonless continuous forms. We have plain continuous forms and printed continuous forms.

We have Mostaco branded copy papers that our customers love. Our Mostaco branded copy papers have the same quality as the known brands of copy papers for a much affordable price. Having said that, if your company requires a different brand of copy paper, we have it.

Sure! Just list down all the office supplies you need and we quote you the price. However, if you are up for a little price list reading, we can email you our price list upon request.

POS ribbons are ribbons used for high impact Epson printers and cash register machines. Examples are ERC38 and ERC39.

If your company uses continuous forms or your business has a cash register machine, there is a big chance you need Epson ribbon cartridges. Examples of Epson ribbon cartridges are Epson LX300, Epson LX310, etc.

Yes, we do. If you require special sizes, just let us know. If need be, we can pick up your sample so we can check it out.

We offer the most popular brands of printer inks and toners. We always have on stock availability for well known HP printer inks and toners and Brother printer inks and toners.

Moreover, we also offer Canon printer inks and toners, Samsung printer inks and toners and Epson printer inks and toners.

Mostaco Shop

First of it’s kind for Manila distributors and dealers.

No need to create an account. You can check out as guest.

Our confirmation emails come from, and Check your spam folders to see if it’s there. If it’s there, please whitelist our email address. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you.

If it’s not there, try to login with the username and password you created. If it fails to log you in, do a forgot password and see if you receive the reset password email. If you did not get it, check the email address you use to create an account.

We are sorry about that. We had to move our website and databases to a new server and we had to start from scratch. All databases from the previous website were purged. Try creating a new account again.

We have minimum quantities so we can deliver more efficiently. Online orders are delivered by our special delivery team and it is not feasible business wise to deliver just one box.

It’s an easy process! Choose a product, choose a quantity and click Add to Cart. If you need to add more products, just go back to Mostaco Shop. If you are ready to checkout, click Checkout or click the shopping cart icon.

You will get an order confirmation email with a corresponding order number.

Once the order has been processed, an order processing email will be sent out. If the products are scheduled for delivery, you will get a call from us.

Please check your spam folders. Also, please check the email address you use for the order. We use Google Apps as our MX servers so it’s very rare that those emails would be lost in space.

By cash or check after receiving the products. Or you can deposit your payment to our bank account. Our bank account details are listed in the order confirmation email. Currently, we do not offer payment terms for Mostaco Shop orders.

Sure! Ain’t no mountain high enough for us not to deliver your order!

We will ship your order via freight collect through our partner couriers. That is, you pay for the shipping once you receive your order.

That’s a good question. Let’s clarify that.

Mostaco Shop was established as a one stop shop for buyers who want convenience, instant prices and quick order confirmation. It was specifically designed for buyers who have the price on mind and doesn’t want negotiations.

When you call one of our sales executives, there is a big chance that negotiation and haggling will occur. Chances are the final price for the deal will be lower than the advertised price in Mostaco Shop. That’s why you’ll have the price difference.

We had instances where customers will order online and then call us to negotiate a lower price. We can do that.

It also works in reverse. Others will call us first, we quote a higher price and they check Mostaco Shop to find out a lower price. We can work with you on that, as well.

That is a valid feedback and we understand where you are coming from.We believe that the art of closing a deal is in the negotiation. Having said that, Mostaco Shop cannot negotiate with you since it’s a website. If you find the Mostaco Shop prices within your price levels, you can place an order. If you feel that the prices can be negotiated to a more manageable price level, you call us.It is the same for customers. Not all customers have the same price levels for the same items. It all boils down to proper negotiation.If you love to negotiate, we love to talk to you. Give us a call and let us talk prices.

Phone Orders

Offline orders, quotations, price lists.
You can contact us to talk to one of our sales executives. We will gladly assist you with any questions about our products.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Ordering online gives you the convenience to make your purchase as fast as possible. However, if you are looking for bulk discounts or payment terms, ordering online may not be for you. Payment terms are only available when you talk to one of our sales executives.
You sure can. You can request quotations online by filling out our contact form or by calling our hotline number. Request for quotations are made available with 24 to 48 hours after you request it.
Yes. We have a telefax number – so call up and ask for a fax tone.
Since we started doing business, there were no price increases four customers even though our suppliers increased our costs four or five times over the same period of time.However, this year is another story. Due to shortage of raw materials, importation issues and the new TRAIN law, we need to increase prices for some of our products.Our customers understand. The price increase is reasonable to maintain our productivity and efficiency.


You order, we deliver. ASAP.
Yes, it’s free delivery within Metro Manila and in some cases, free delivery to nearby provinces of Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

If we have items on stock, expect your delivery the next business day.

If you ordered customized items like pre printed continuous forms, printed POS journal papers or thermal papers and special sizes for POS journal papers or thermal papers, give a lead time of 2 weeks.

For customized orders, we will always inform you the delivery date.

We do not usually do same day delivery since all invoices and packing slips are dispatched the day before.

If you are near our location and our delivery team can come back before 5 PM, we can accommodate your request for same day delivery.

Bear in mind, that this is on a case to case basis.

Sure. A lot of our customers from provinces pick up their orders at our office. Just let us know when and what time and we will be excited to see you.

We have a shipping partner to deliver orders to Visayas and Mindanao. For hassle free transactions, you can use our shipping partner. We will include the shipping charge in your invoice.

However, we also give you options for other shipping carriers or you can tell us your preferred shipping carrier. We deliver the orders to the shipping carrier and they would be delivering the orders to you. You pay for the transportations costs as computed by the shipping carrier.


87% of our customers on payment terms. Get the best deals from Mostaco.

For Mostaco Shop orders and orders thru our sales executives, cash, direct bank transfers and check payments are accepted.

However, payment terms are not given to Mostaco Shop orders. Payment terms are given to customers who order thru phone.

We have 7 days, 15 days and 30 days payment terms. On a case to case basis, we have 45 days and 60 days payment terms for some of our valued customers.

No, we do not charge late fees.

Yes, we accept post dated checks.

Some of our valued customers have line of credits. They can order as much as they want as long as they don’t go over their line of credit.

The line of credit is an arbitrary number. It is not set on stone.

Generally, we use our best judgement if the customer can still order even if they have account receivables pending.


Rare occurrence but here are a few FAQs.

It’s as simple as letting us know that you are returning an item.

Except for POS ribbons and Epson ribbon cartridges, all our products are valid for return or replacement.

You can give us a call or send us an email. All our products are backed up by our industry leading Return and Refunds policy.

Infinity. No kidding. As long as you still have the invoice and the item is still in it’s original packaging, we will honor your return

Yes. If you return an item, the full value of the item would be refunded to you.

Or, if you opt for a replacement, you can replace it with the same item or any item of similar value.

It depends.

If you are within our delivery service area, we will pick up your returned item. For provincial returns, we can discuss about the shipping charges.


Anything under the sun.

Thank you for your interest. You can find our job openings at our Careers page. You can also email your resume at

Nope, this website is proudly made in house. This is built using WordPress as CMS, Generate Press, Elementor and WooCommerce.

WordPress and WooCommerce are free.

Generate Press and Elementor also have free options but we opt to pay their subscriptions.

I think it has something to do with hosting. We are hosted by Kinsta on their managed WordPress platform. Reviews for Kinsta hosting are phenomenal when it comes to speed, loading times and support. We were previously hosted by Siteground and GoDaddy on their shared hosting environment. The move to Kinsta is amazing! Our webpage loads much, much, much faster now.

Yup, we need all the SEO help we can get. Contact us and if the price is right, we will talk business about SEO.

At this time, we don’t have any need for a content writer. Nayeon 임나연, Jeongyeon 유정연, Momo 모모, Sana 사나, Ji-hyo 박지효, Mina 미나, Dahyun 김다현, Chaeyoung 챼영 and Tzuyu 쯔위 are doing just fine.

We appreciate that. However, we have a small sales team. I am not sure if any motivational speakers would cater to a team of 4. We have called numerous motivational speakers and they are charging what I believe are rates for a group of 30. If you have SME rates, we would like to hear about it.

Thanks for the offer. We already have Zoho One for our all in one office systems, Quickbooks for our accounting and Salarium for our payroll. It’s fragmented but we have it all covered.

Absolutely! Certified ONCE! Wanna hear our fan chant?