The Ultimate Guide to Computer Continuous Forms: Sizes and Types

When it comes to printing computer-generated documents, continuous forms play a crucial role. These continuous paper forms are designed to work seamlessly with dot matrix and impact printers, ensuring efficient and accurate printing for various applications. In this article, we will explore the different sizes and types of computer continuous forms, providing you with a comprehensive guide for your printing needs.

Sizes of Computer Continuous Forms

Computer continuous forms come in various sizes to accommodate different printing requirements. The following are the most common sizes measured in inches:

  1. 11 x 9.5 inches: This size is the standard size for continuous forms and is widely used in various industries. It offers a balanced size for printing invoices, purchase orders, shipping labels, and other business documents.
  2. 5.5 x 9.5 inches: This size is commonly known as a half-size continuous form and is often used for applications where a smaller form factor is required. It is suitable for printing receipts, packing slips, and other compact documents.
  3. 11 x 15 inches: A larger size option, the 15 x 11 inches continuous form, provides ample space for printing longer reports, invoices, and data-intensive documents.
  4. 11 x 14.875 inches: Sometimes referred to as a “legal size” continuous form, this size is compatible with legal-sized documents and is frequently used for printing contracts, agreements, and legal paperwork.

Types of Computer Continuous Forms:

Computer continuous forms are available in different types to meet specific printing needs. Here are the most common types you may encounter:

  1. Single-Part Continuous Forms: These forms consist of a single continuous sheet without any carbon copies. They are ideal for printing documents that don’t require duplicate copies, such as receipts or shipping labels.
  2. Multi-Part Continuous Forms: Multi-part forms consist of multiple layers of paper, typically interleaved with carbon sheets between them. They allow for simultaneous printing of several copies of a document, making them suitable for invoices, purchase orders, and other business forms that require multiple copies.
  3. Perforated Continuous Forms: Perforated forms have small perforations between individual sheets, making it easier to tear them apart cleanly. This type is commonly used when you need to separate and distribute copies of multi-part forms easily.
  4. Custom Continuous Forms: Some applications may require unique sizes, layouts, or pre-printed designs. Custom continuous forms are tailored to meet these specific requirements, ensuring optimal compatibility and professionalism.

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