If you need additional info on how to register on PhilGEPS or additional requirements, do not contact us. Check the PhilGEPS website for updated information. The PhilGEPS website has a detailed guide on how to get registered.

One of the markets we haven’t tapped yet is the government. Yes, the Philippine government. We have customers from all types of businesses but not one from the government. Enter PhilGEPS. PhilGEPS is an acronym for the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System. It’s a website where most, if not all, government agencies post their procurement requirements. If you want to secure government contracts, this is the place to go to learn how to register on PhilGEPS.

Registering is not that hard. It’s a simple process. What might turn you off is the old-style website they have. It’s so sad that our government doesn’t invest in online infrastructure. Also, during office hours, PhilGEPS crawls to a pace as fast as a snail’s wicked ass. It is so slow that you can make coffee and finish it before it loads the page. We often search for opportunities late at night or early in the morning.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, a disclaimer. We are not Procurement Law experts or PhilGEPS experts. We only look for opportunities that are labeled Shopping and have never participated in Public Budding. Now that we got that out of the way, here are the simple steps to register on PhilGEPS

The Simple Steps

Go to the PhilGEPS website and click Login As in the upper right-hand corner. Choose Supplier and it will take you to another page. Click Register Now and fill out your details. It will ask for your company TIN, DTI. SEC and other pertinent information.

Unlike other websites, registration is not automatic. You need to wait for an email from the administrator for your username and password. It usually takes 1 to 2 days to receive your username and password.

Free Membership or Platinum Membership

You cannot register to PhilGEPS Platinum if you are a newly registered business since Tax Clearance and Audited Financial Statements are required for PhilGEPS Platinum. I am pretty sure you won’t have those if you are a newly registered business.

One thing to note is that PhilGEPS offers two types of memberships – free and Platinum. Free is, well, free. Both types of membership allow you to view opportunities. The main difference is that in the Platinum membership you get the much-coveted PhilGEPS certificate.

Free is nice but almost all government agencies ask for a copy of your PhilGEPS certificate. Even if the mode of procurement doesn’t require a PhilGEPS certificate, government agencies would ask for a certificate anyways. We cannot count the number of times our quotations have been disregarded since we cannot provide a PhilGEPS certificate. We then upgraded to Platinum membership.

For your reference, below are the requirements for upgrading to PhilGEPS Platinum. If you do not have one of the requirements, unfortunately you won’t get approved. There are no ifs or buts about it. A PhilGEPS admin manually checks the uploaded documents if you indeed meet the requirements.

  • Business Registration Certificate (for Sole Proprietor, this is your DTI Certificate)
  • Mayor’s or Business Permit
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (personally, the most tedious requirement. You can read about it here)
  • Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license and registration (if applicable)
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS) stamped received by your BIR RDO
  • Notarized PhilGEPS Sworn Statement

We believe the 5,000 pesos per year membership fee is a good bang for the buck. You can check out our PhilGEPS page to see how well we are doing. If you go for the Platinum membership, you need to upload your Business Permit, DTI Certificate, Audited Financial Statement and Tax Clearance. The admin would examine your uploaded documents and if they are good, you can pay the membership fee by going to the PhilGEPS office or at any Landbank branch.

Some Cool Facts

As of March 2020


PhilGEPS Customers


Repeat PhilGEPS Customers


Invoices Delivered

74 M

Total PhilGEPS Sales

If you have the complete documents, it would take a week to get Platinum membership. Your PhilGEPS certificate can be downloaded once you log in. Once you have that, you can now search for various opportunities! Happy searching!

Renewing your PhilGEPS certificate is done every year. It means that you need to pay 5,000 pesos if you will renew. Also, bear in mind that you also need to update your PhilGEPS requirements. Except for your DTI certificate which expires in 5 years, all other requirements need to be updated every year.

Fortunately, PhilGEPS has come to its senses and upgraded its upload and renewal process. No need to upload updated forms to their Google Forms app and wait for the admin to email your updated PhilGEPS certificate. You can upload new documents and you can download the updated PhilGEPS certificate.

The new renewal process is much easier compared to the previous renewal process. You just need to login to their new mGEPS website and renew from there. You can upload your deposit slip and then wait for the approval.

Paying for PhilGEPS Renewal

There are two ways to pay for your 5,000 pesos PhilGEPS renewal. The easier way is to pay through any Landbank branch. This is known as ONCOLL. The harder way is to physically go to the PhilGEPS office and pay. This is known as CASHIER.

We always pay our renewal via ONCOLL. The good thing is with the new renewal process it is considerably easier to renew via ONCOLL. No need to send an email to PhilGEPS. Just upload your ONCOLL deposit slip and wait for the admin to update your PhilGEPS certificate.

I wish PhilGEPS steps up even more and allow online payments. It is not that hard to incorporate payment gateways into a website. In WordPress for example, it takes 10 minutes to incorporate payment gateways. PayPal and Stripe accept credit card payments. We are in the digital age for God’s sake and manually paying is so out of date. But I guess that’s what this government is about.

Paying via PhilGEPS Cashier

Go to the main PhilGEPS office and pay the 5,000 pesos PhilGEPS renewal. Once paid, PhilGEPS certificate would be emailed to you. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to upload your deposit slip.

Paying via Landbank ONCOLL

Login to your mGEPS account and print out the ONCOLL details. Go to any Landbank branch and fill out an ONCOLL deposit slip. Copy all ONCOLL details from your ONCOLL printed page to the ONCOLL deposit slip. Once paid, upload ONCOLL deposit slip to mGEPS. Wait for approval and then download your PhilGEPS certificate. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for them to update your PhilGEPS certificate.

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