Copy paper which is an ordinary white paper is the most used office supply for sure as it is proved by a nation-wide survey. The single item that customers spent the most money on is plain old letter size copy paper. Every kind of office, whether it is large, small or ordinary home office, is totally dependent on copy paper. The statistics indicate that consumers spend more money on copy paper than all other office supplies combined suggesting the potential for improvement is huge. Surprisingly the expense does not include the cost of ink or toner as it is consider in another type of technology.

There are different types of copy papers present in the market. These papers are graded in such a way:

Multifunction Paper

This is the most commonly used paper which is applicable for almost every type of work including reports, presentations, high volume copying, etc.

Copier Paper

It is specially designed for use in a copier of some type. It will not give crisp and clear results in other copiers.

Inkjet Paper

This paper works best with inkjet printing devices as the name suggests. Its working principle is to show the writing on the inkjet paper with the ink sprayed on it.

I would recommend you to choose the best paper from the above mentioned. While purchasing a copy paper, you must keep in mind that you have to buy a quality sheet according to the type of machines and printers you have in your offices. Many people buy wrong sheets due to lack of knowledge and interest. You have to buy the right paper for right machine and right work. I hope this article will help you to buy the best paper for your copy work in the offices.

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