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If the money and profit are the blood of your business, and if the people are the brain and other vital organs, your office supplies are your business’s blood vessels.

Your Office Supplies Are The Blood Vessels Of Your Business

Why? Blood vessels carry the blood to the entire body so that the body can function well. Now, can you imagine your business without proper office supplies? Moreover, every person and every entity in your business, no matter how high-tech or digital it may be, still requires office supplies to function well.

Office supplies such as thermal paper, writing pens, calculators, envelopes, folders, boxes, films, papers, records, tapes, trays, boards, and many more are genuinely essential to every business function. In short, our relevance is undeniable and timeless.

Who is Mostaco Marketing?

Since the demand is very high, the competition is also beyond steamy. Here and there, you will find suppliers with varying offers, promos, deals, and relationships with customers.

But suppose you want to deal with a reliable, efficient, reasonable, professional supplier and will not rip you off. In that case, Mostaco Marketing is your best choice (if not the only).

Mostaco Marketing is the premier distributor of office supplies, thermal papers, and POS journal papers in Southern Manila and CALABARZON region. It is among the fastest-growing companies located in Las Pinas.

As an office supplies supplier, Mostaco Marketing may have a small team of 7 awesome members, but it has big goals. To our customers and patrons, our small team is already a big deal. Why? Because we may be small, but we do business the smart way.

From wholesalers and retailers to big businesses and government organizations, thousands of customers are thrilled with Mostaco Marketing’s products, services, and ethics. Being in business for just six years, Mostaco Marketing already has millions in its sales portfolio, and it definitely will rake in more in the following years.

As of August 2020, the leading thermal paper supplier has delivered 9,600+ invoices at an incredible 93% on-time delivery rate. If these impressive numbers are still not enough to catch your favor, then the following advantages will bag your confidence.

The 8 Unmatched Advantages Of Choosing Mostaco Marketing

  • Best quality and affordable products
    Are you looking for a sturdy whiteboard, an adequately formatted voucher document, a reliable marker pen, or a premium quality thermal paper? All these and hundreds more of the best quality and affordable office supplies and products are readily available in Mostaco Marketing. All you need to do is visit our official website (, call us at 02 8804 0440 or 0919 073 5398, 0968 894 8950 and 0917 123 1510, or send us an email at your orders and inquiries.
  • Fastest and free delivery within Metro Manila
    Being a Mostaco customer has never been this good because if you are in Metro Manila, the delivery is always fast and free. Our reliable delivery service even goes for the extra mile by being still on time and delivering products even on weekends or holidays.
  • Excellent reputation
    Trusted by big brands and organizations such as The Generics Pharmacy, Pag-IBIG Fund, Jollibee, and the House of Representatives, Mostaco Marketing is indeed the real deal. Its excellent and reliable reputation continues to be its prime campaign and advertisement that effectively topples over the competition. If these companies are highly satisfied with Mostaco Marketing, then your business will not be disappointed.
  • With return and refund policy in place
    Compared to other companies and suppliers, Mostaco Marketing is the leading office supplies supplier with an implemented return and refund policy. This means that if your orders are damaged, lost, or have encountered any unwanted incident, you will benefit from the system on return and refund. This policy also assures all its customers that Mostaco’s products and services are excellent, authentic, and reliable.
  • Always 2% off on new orders
    Is it your first time to purchase from Mostaco Marketing? Or are you planning to sign a deal with us? If so, your new order will be given an automatic 2% discount. What a great way to start a business deal, right? Mostaco Marketing puts its customers, whether new or recurring, at its business’s heart and therefore treats them special with promos like this one.
  • Flexible payment terms and no deposit required
    Can’t pay in full? Not a problem. With Mostaco Marketing, you can avail of our flexible payment terms to obtain and use your highly needed office supplies on a deferred payment basis. Also, Mostaco Marketing does not require you to pay any deposit, making it easier for customers to trust and be in full confidence with the company.
  • Exceptional customer service
    Did you know that Mostaco Marketing has very high ratings on on-time delivery and customer satisfaction? The leading thermal paper supplier has raked in a 93% rating on on-time delivery and a 93% rating on customer satisfaction.
  • The six Mostaco values through and through
    For years, Mostaco Marketing has been upholding its six values: Trust, Quality, Compromise, Professionalism, Customer Service, and Technology. With the perfect ensemble of these values, Mostaco Marketing continues its remarkable streak in providing unmatched services and supplies to all its customers.

What Do The Customers Say?

Mostaco Marketing believes in transparency and is not afraid of what its customers will say. To show such confidence, we have enabled an accessible and open-to-everyone review mechanism on Google.

As of today, the company has received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. This rating is one of the top scores among all office supplies companies in the metro.

An All-Around Partner In Reliable And Cost-Effective Office Supplies

Without a steady supply of premium quality office supplies and a good relationship with an outstanding supplier, your business could face some trouble fulfilling its functions.

If what you’re looking for is the best in the business, it will always be Mostaco Marketing.