There are several ways to save money on printer toner cartridge. The most important thing in order to make it cost-effective is the right place to buy it from. You should know the cost of printing a single page for estimating the overall cost. Many ink manufacturers give estimate of the overall printing capability of the ink cartridge. These estimates vary most often as they depend on the printing habit of the users. In this article I will discuss some techniques to save money on printer toner cartridge.

Use best quality printer

You need to buy the best quality printer as the printing toner prints more pages in this case than the printers of low costs and quality. The printing capability of low price printers is around 200 pages per ink cartridge. It costs 1.20 pesos per page while in high price printers, the printing capability is 1000 pages per cartridge. The cost of printing a single page in this case is 0.50 pesos.

Set printer software

The software which comes with the printer gives you choice of a better quality printing. Better quality printing yields more ink surely. You need to set your printing software to ‘economy’ or ‘draft’ for achieving more printed page for regular usage. You can manually set back your printer to best quality mode when needed.

Print when needed

This is most important thing in printing to know that you have to print only when there is need. You can send electronic copies many times other than printed copies. You need to prefer electronic copies all the time over printed copies for saving printer toner and money.

I hope these techniques will help you to change your habits of printing in order to save money and print more pages with a single ink cartridge.

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