The environment can be saved by reducing the office’s waste. Office waste can also help to cut down the budget. A recent study has shown that an office consumes 12,000 sheets per year on an average. You can now imagine that how many copy papers are being wasted every year.

Let us discuss some important points which help to save copy paper in the office:-

  1.  Print the document on both sides of the paper. If you have papers whose one side is already printed, then reuse their other side also.
  2. Use email to share information in the written form among colleagues and office employees.
  3. Consider posting reports or periodicals rather than having them printed in individual copies and sent to individual recipients.
  4. Use the smaller font for your forms so that it fits on a single page and use the other side of the paper for longer forms.
  5. You need to opt online fax services rather than traditional fax services. It will help you to save a lot of money as you do not need to buy ink and fax papers.
  6. If you maintain a mailing list then keep it updated at regular bases.
  7. If you have a cramped workplace then you can store the information and data electronically in order to save space by removing many files from the workplace.

You need to make sure that the smaller font is being used for the copy purposes and the paper is being printed on both sides. I am sure that these key points will help you save a huge amount of paper per year. It will also make the environment clean as electronic data transference is a cheaper mean of transmitting information.

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