Searching For The One? Get Your Office Supplies From The Top Supplier

Nowadays, it is essential to establish a stable system of operations for your business. You should have a team of people who would go the extra mile to achieve your business goals, a conducive environment or setting to work, communicate, brainstorm, and a reliable set of third party service or product providers such as contractors and suppliers.

What It Means To Have A Reliable Supplier

Zooming into the last aspect, what does it mean to have a reliable supplier? How can you identify if a supplier will not let you down?

Having a reliable supplier means that you never have to worry about your supplies, raw materials, or whatever it is that your supplier provides. A dedicated supplier is more like a business partner with whom you make transactions to fulfill your business functions. Without a reliable supplier, your operations and your entire business could suffer.

Here is a short criterion to see and measure if a supplier is reliable or not:

  • The supplier is a legitimate entity duly registered to run their business.
  • They have an organizational structure composed of a team of people working to fulfill their company goals.
  • They produce, carry, distribute, or sell legitimate, authentic, and registered products.
  • They provide excellent value for customer’s time, money, and resources.
  • They aim for the highest customer satisfaction, and they keep their lines open for communication and feedback.

Why Your Company Needs A Steady Supply Of Office Supplies

Office supplies like papers, pens, folders, glue, boards, and many more are often neglected and seen as “small things” commonly found in every business, enterprise, or company. However, these small things significantly impact how efficient you run your business and how successful your business will be.

Small things indeed matter. And making sure that your office supplies are excellent, useable, and durable can be quite challenging because of the many suppliers competing for your favor.

Nevertheless, whether it be small or big, your business needs a steady and reliable supply of office supplies. Why? Because a shortage of supply or supply of low-quality office supplies would cause delay or disruption in your functions. And we all know that this could lead to profit loss, which nobody would want to happen, including us.

Mostaco Marketing, The Top Supplier For Office Supplies

We are Mostaco Marketing, and we are the top supplier for office supplies in the city. We are located in Las Pinas City, and our market coverage reaches Metro Manila and CALABARZON region.

Being in business for just six years, we are among the youngest companies in the metro today. However, with our drive and passion for making it big in the field, we have made it possible to reach milestones that are simply extraordinary and remarkable.

As of today, we have already served around 1,500 happy customers, and we have successfully fulfilled almost 10,000 invoices. Due to our robust strategies and excellent services, we were able to earn 33 million in total sales last year despite the COVID pandemic.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Us?

  • Mostaco Marketing is reputable and trusted by many
    Our name is significant to us, and we make sure that what comes with our name are only the best descriptions and accolades.

    Conclusion This is why we satisfy all our customers, including wholesalers, retailers, government organizations, and private companies.

    Even if we are still a young company, we already got the spot for being the office supplies supplier for big businesses such as Jollibee and The Generics Pharmacy and government agencies such as the House of Representatives, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and Pag-IBIG Fund.
  • Our products are top quality yet affordable
    We believe in reasonable prices that are attractive and affordable for customers from all classes or sectors. But even with such pricing, the quality of our products do not and will never suffer.
  • We deliver fast and for free
    If your business is within Metro Manila, you never have to worry about deliveries because we deliver fast and free of charge. We take deliveries seriously, that’s why we can also deliver your orders on weekends or holidays if that’s what you want.
  • We offer flexible payment terms
    Are you on a tight budget as of the moment? That’s perfectly fine. At Mostaco Marketing, We offer flexible payment terms so that you can pay for your orders on an installment basis. Easy, right?
  • We don’t require any deposits
    Unlike other suppliers, we don’t require you to pay any deposit for your orders. Your order we process and deliver, then you pay – that’s how simple it is when you purchase your office supplies with us.
  • We have a refund and return policy
    Wrong order? Damaged goods? Not a problem. Our return and refund policy will allow you to re-order the correct office supplies you need or return any unintentionally damaged goods.
  • We imbibe the six Mostaco values
    Trust, Quality, Compromise, Professionalism, Customer Service, and Technology — these six Mostaco values are the reasons why we have been able to reach the heights of success in such a short time. As of today, we have received an average rating of 4.6 stars on Google reviews, 93% rating on on-time deliveries, and a 93% rating on customer satisfaction. These numbers are among the highest ratings ever received by an office supplies supplier, and we will continue to work harder to rate higher in the coming years.

Yours Truly, Mostaco Marketing

There is no denying that office supplies are relevant to every business, and therefore, a reliable supplier of these materials should be sought out for.

If you have any inquiries or requests, please feel free to contact us via phone at 02 8425 4112 or 0919 073 5398, 0968 894 8950 and 0917 123 1510 or via email Our office is open on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.