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Thermal paper is a special kind of paper that does not need any ink, ribbon, or toner to be printed on. So, how does it get printed on?

Thermal paper is coated with certain chemicals or substances that change color in reaction to heat application. The magic word here is heat.

With thermal paper, you need heat to print on it. But technically, you will need a thermal printer to print texts, icons, and images on thermal papers.

A Brief Overview About The History Of Thermal Papers

Back in the day, there were two developers or producers of thermal papers: 1) 3M and 2) NCR Corporation. The 3M used metallic salts for its thermal papers while the NCR Corporation used dye chemistry.

Between the two, the NCR Corporation would soon be on the lead as it produced relatively cheaper thermal papers. Still, it was found that the images and texts printed on their thermal papers would fade rather more quickly than that on 3m thermal papers.

It was clear that 3M’s technology was more durable, which was somehow reflected in its comparably higher price.

It was in 1965 when a company called Texas Instruments had invented the thermal print head. Four years later, a computer terminal with a thermal printer called Silent 700 was released. It was the first-ever printing system that was printed on thermal papers.

Because they allow for better durability, inkjet printing, electrophotography, laser printing, and thermal transfer were used extensively for barcode applications in the early 1990s, taking away the crown from thermal printing. But thermal printing made a comeback as it became the leading technology used for POS receipts.

Let’s talk about chemistry for a bit… Did you know that four different types of imaging chemicals are used in thermal papers? These are stabilizers, sensitizers, developers, and leuco dyes.

How To Find And Purchase The Best Thermal Paper

The best thermal paper for a specific company might not be suitable for your company. Now, we have four tips to guide you in buying the best thermal paper for your business:

  • Know The Size That You Need
    Some thermal papers are wider, while some are narrower. It’s up to you which particular size your business will use in its transactions and operations. Practically, you should be able to identify the right size that will fit well in your thermal printers before finalizing any purchase.
  • Plan Your Required Quantities
    It is best to plan for the number of thermal paper rolls or sets you will order for a specific time. Why? It is because thermal papers have a shelf life as well. If you store it properly in a dry and cool place, it can last for up to three years.
  • Choose The Quality That You Require
    As mentioned above, some thermal papers would not hold or maintain texts or images printed on them for a long time. But some thermal papers have better durability and will not let prints fade quickly. Nevertheless, it depends on your business’s nature, which quality of thermal paper you will opt to use.
  • Plan For Your Budget
    Finally, you should also plan for your budget and make necessary adjustments for every purchase. We know because we do this, too. Since there are several thermal papers brands out there, it is better to canvas and chooses the one that’s within your budget capability.

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    Top-quality thermal papers made by well-known manufacturers and brands are always available in our company. You can be assured that these products are top of the line and excellent. But beyond our thermal papers, we also distribute the best quality office supplies and other consumables.
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    Did you know that we supply thermal papers to Jollibee, The Generics Pharmacy, and other big industry players? We also have clients in the government, such as the House of Representatives, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and Pag-IBIG Fund. There must be a good reason why these big names continue to trust us.
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