Why Office Supplies Are Important And Where To Get Them

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If you think about running a company or a business, you would already assume it’s the people, right? And you’re right about that. No business will run without people.

But together with people are machines and tools to make doing business more comfortable, faster, and more effective. There are computers, the Internet, smartphones, telephones, vehicles, machines, equipment, and office supplies.

How Important Are Office Supplies?

It’s too hard to imagine an office without a pen and paper, right? We all have some functions to perform that require pens, papers, scissors, boards, rulers, glue, thermal papers, journals, and other relevant office supplies.

Therefore, even though we often neglect their significance in our daily tasks and routines, office supplies are, in fact, essential. Not only do they become a means for work efficiency, but they are also vital in production and profitability.

The Demand And The Supply

The demand for office supplies is relatively steady as new companies and businesses arise. More people need and require them for their work even though most businesses are becoming more digital with their operations. Becoming more digital would mean lesser paper, lesser pens, and lesser use of other “traditional” office supplies.

Anyway, the point is, office supplies are still in demand as they are cheaper and easier to use, replace, and dispose of. This is why there are many suppliers of office supplies, especially in the city.

If you go to Divisoria or Quiapo, you will find multiple suppliers of cheap office supplies. Their pricing and product quality are desirable, but beyond that, these vendors don’t usually offer delivery services, flexible payment terms, refund and return policy, and excellent customer service.

Now, if you go to traditional bookstores (like those you find in the malls or business hubs), you will be comfortable buying from them because they are legit brands that offer a return and refund policy. However, their prices are not very affordable, and most do not allow flexible payment terms.

Where does the middle ground stand? Is there a better scenario than what these two options offer? The great news is yes – there is one.

Mostaco Marketing, Your Go-To For The Best Office Supplies

If you want the top office supplies supplier in the city trusted by many, then Mostaco Marketing is what you are looking for. “Small Team, Big Goals” is our company’s tagline, and it says it all.

We, at Mostaco Marketing, are a small company composed of only 7 members. But our 7 members are the best managers and experts in this business. We are located in Las Pinas City, and after six fruitful years of operating, we are considered among the fastest-growing companies in the city. Why? Because we commit to fulfilling our big goals.

Most importantly, we do not treat you as a number on our data. We believe in building long-lasting business relationships with our clients. Beyond doing business, what’s important to us is to help you as you grow your own company or enterprise. Therefore, at Mostaco Marketing, we genuinely care to understand your needs and fulfill them in the best possible way.

Why Get Your Office Supplies From Mostaco Marketing?

As the leading thermal paper supplier and office supplies supplier in the city and the CALABARZON region, we are bent on providing the best products, best technology, and best customer service for all our clients.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your office supplies from Mostaco Marketing:

  • Great milestones
    Today, we have catered to almost 1,500 happy customers and over 200 PHILGEPS clients with 10,100+ invoices delivered. Just last year despite the COVID pandemic, we were able to rake in 33 million pesos in total sales. These significantly great numbers are proof of who we are and what we can do as a company.
  • Trusted by small and big companies
    On Google, we have received an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, which were accumulated from our customers’ public reviews. We cater to wholesalers, retailers, government agencies, and big brands. The House of Representatives, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Pag-IBIG Fund, The Generics Pharmacy, and Jollibee are among our top clients.
  • The six Mostaco values
    In every business transaction, we make, we always let our Mostaco values shine. These include Trust, Quality, Compromise, Professionalism, Customer Service, and Technology. These are the main reasons our clients stay loyal to us, and new customers keep pouring in.
  • Affordable yet top quality products
    Is it possible to combine a great price point and excellent quality? We, at Mostaco Marketing, has made it possible. Our products, though the top of the line, are affordable and cost-effective.
  • More value for your money
    Great news for new customers: We offer 2% off for new orders, always. Also, we don’t require you to pay any deposit, and we offer flexible payment terms to make it easier for you to manage your spending. Most importantly, we have a strong return and refund policy in place so that you can be assured that your money won’t be wasted.
  • Fast and free delivery
    If your business is within the metro, your orders will indeed be delivered quickly and for free. As of today, we have a 93% rating on on-time deliveries.
  • Excellent customer service
    Customer satisfaction is a big deal for us, and we take it seriously. We believe that keeping a great relationship with our customers is the one that will make them stay. As such, we have a 93% rating on customer satisfaction, and we intend to rate higher in the coming years.

Fast, Reliable, And Professional

If you want a fast, reliable, and professional office supplies supplier, you can contact Mostaco Marketing through phone 02 8804 0440 or 0919 073 5398, 0968 894 8950 and 0917 123 1510 or email hello@mostaco.ph. Our office is located in Lalaine Bennet St., BF Resort Village, Brgy. Talon Dos, Las Pinas City.