The price of the toner cartridge of your laser printer can exceed the actual price of the printer before it gets worn out. The question is that why does it happen? I will answer this question in this article.

The first thing is that the printer manufacturers try to keep the price of the printer as low as possible for selling it in a bulk and take it to your home or office. If you buy a laser printer from X company then you will also buy the printing toner cartridge from the same X company. This happens because you do not know there are some alternatives as well which you can use. The X company will sell the printing cartridge in higher price for covering the price in which they sold the printer. The company generate revenue from the sales of cartridges and that is why they keep its price high.

So, I would like to advise you here that you need to keep the maintenance cost and toner cartridge cost in mind before buying a printing machine. If you have bought a printer and you want to save some money then you can search for an alternative supplier.

I would advise against remanufactured toner cartridges. Remanufactured toner cartridges are present in the market and while they have the same functionality at lower price, they can damage your printer.

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