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Mostaco Marketing has all the essential products to keep your business moving. Check out our Mostaco Shop – it’s awesome!

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Why Order From Us

Quality Products​

We strongly believe in our products. And our customers do too. This is backed up by our industry leading return and refund policy.​

Fast and Free Delivery

Enjoy the perks of being a Mostaco customer. If your office is within Metro Manila, you get free delivery. We go the extra mile, literally. We have delivered products during holidays and weekends.

Exceptional Service

We are a customer centric business. We have a 93% customer satisfaction rating from our customers. We are 92% on time in delivering our products.

We are PhilGEPS registered!

We provide various office supplies to different government agencies. If one thing is for certain, getting accredited by government agencies is a tedious process. If the government agencies trust us with their office supply needs, so should you.

We Understand Your Needs

With extensive experience in communication and sales, we understand our customer’s needs from their point of view. We are buyers as well. We will not engage in tricky sales and marketing tactics to push our products to you.​


We are an efficient bunch utilizing technology for our email service, sales pipeline, order management and accounting. All requests are handled within 24 hours.​

Our Products

Paper Products

We offer all types of continuous forms – plain or printed, numbered or unnumbered, carbon or carbonless.

Our very own copy papers are customer favorites for everyday printing jobs. This ever reliable paper is perfect for all general business and office needs.

Office Supplies and Consumables​

Our office supplies and consumables catalogue is huge! We have all types of various office supplies for every type of business. Divisoria and Binondo also has the office supplies you need but they do not have the convenience and payment terms!

POS Products​

We carry a complete line of POS paper products for all your business needs. We have POS journal papers and thermal papers in different sizes. We also accept special sizes based on your specifications and requirement.

Sticky Posts

Latest and greatest company updates from Mostaco Marketing. View updated PhilGEPS invoices and annual reports.

Mostaco Blog - Our 2017 Annual Report
Annual Report
Mina 미나

Our 2017 Annual Report

As per our tradition, below is our 2017 annual report. It was a record breaking year for the team. Our PhilGEPS sales machine kicked off and we doubled our sales revenue!

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Mostaco Blog - Our 2016 Annual Report
Annual Report
Nayeon 임나연

Our 2016 Annual Report

Here is our 2016 annual report. Our customers would be delighted to know that we have a strong balance sheet and have enough capital to meet their demands.

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Mostaco Blog - All About PhilGEPS
PhilGEPS Update
Sana 사나

All About PhilGEPS

Mostaco Marketing is a company that fully embraces transparency and openness. This is a list of our updated PhilGEPS invoices. This includes all procurement modes and award types. This post is updated on a monthly basis.

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Bulk orders? Need assistance?

Yes, we deliver in bulk – we have delivered up to 100,000 thermal paper rolls in one go! Contact us to learn more about our bulk discount promotions!