Both carbon and carbonless continuous forms can be used to make copies of the documents without any electronic devices. Both the types of continuous forms are different from each other related to their manufacturing and usage.

Carbon Continuous Forms

It is the original version of the electronic-free copying. Carbon paper is put between the paper on which writing is done and a blank paper. Due to the pressure the writing pen, a copy of writing is achieved on the blank sheet. This technique was first used in 19th century as a stylographic writer.

Carbonless Continuous Forms

Carbonless continuous forms is an alternative to the carbon paper, as it is a stainless and biodegradable way of copy typing. The main difference is that it uses chemical reaction for the copying of the original document. Carbonless paper is also known as NCR paper and it is the best alternative to carbon paper.

We can make several copies of an original writing for the saving of the document as:

  • Two part or Duplicate
  • Three part or triplicate
  • Four part or quadruplicate


Continuous forms are used to make the copies of the receipts. They serve as a backup operation in case of computer failure for keeping records. They are also used for sending invoices, service tickets, sale orders and purchase orders. Both of these papers are also used by the artists for the pre-sketching of a painting. Carbon continuous forms is also used in the tattoo art for the practice designs in order to show in front of the customers. Police is also using carbon paper as an evidence voucher. Carbonless continuous forms are used for the copying of quotes, employment applications, insurance forms, proposals, and delivery forms etc.

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