Laser printing is an economical and faster way of printing if you are going to print on a larger scale and on regular basis, than inkjet printing. You will find that the initial cost of the laser printer would be higher than the inkjet printer but the overall printing cost would be less. You need to purchase the laser printer toner which matches with your printer as most brands suggest to use the particular toner for a particular printer.

Homeschooling needs the larger number of prints every day for their proper operation. Inkjet printing is seriously unsuitable for producing such a huge number of prints on daily basis as it is an uneconomical process. Laser printing is the best suitable process for the quality printing purpose at homeschooling and anywhere else.

Laser printing is preferable than inkjet printing due to two main reasons:-

  1. Laser printers are more economical and cost-effective than inkjet printers
  2. Laser Printers are faster than inkjet Printers

Laser toner cartridges are eco-friendly as well, as they can be recycled which makes them more attractive. The quality of the printing is very convincing due to the usage of a very appropriate toner cartridge. The most important feature of the Lexmark printer toner is that they are waterproof. You do not need to worry about anything if water fells on the printed paper.

I would strongly recommend you to use a laser printer for printing purposes at a larger scale as it is a quick, efficient, and economical printer. You just need to use the specific toner cartridge which is specially designed for the Lexmark printers for achieving better quality prints in a very quick time.

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