Mostaco Marketing helps businesses run smoothly with a wide range of office supplies and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Premium Office Supplies, Without the Premium Price

Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your office. Mostaco Marketing offers top-brand office supplies that won’t break the bank.

Unmatched Variety

Mostaco Marketing goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive selection of office supplies. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, we have the supplies to keep your operations running smoothly.

Quality That Endures

We believe in providing more than just products; we deliver solutions. Partnering with trusted manufacturers ensures that every item you purchase from Mostaco Marketing meets stringent quality standards, saving you money in the long run.

Budget-Friendly Prices

At Mostaco Marketing, we understand the importance of cost-efficiency. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our products, along with attractive bulk discounts, allowing you to stretch your budget further.

Bulk Purchasing

High-volume orders? No problem! Mostaco Marketing provides substantial discounts on bulk purchases, making us the ideal partner for businesses with significant supply needs.

Payment Terms

We understand that every business is unique. Mostaco Marketing offers flexible payment terms, allowing you to choose an option that aligns with your cash flow and financial goals.

Free Delivery

We value your time and want to make your experience as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer free delivery on all orders, ensuring that your office supplies arrive promptly and without any additional cost.

The Write Stuff

Ballpoint, gel, and rollerball pens offer varying writing experiences for note-taking and documentation. Pencils are useful for sketches and calculations. Highlighters draw attention to key points. Permanent markers label files and equipment. Whiteboard markers facilitate presentations and brainstorming sessions. Erasers, correction tapes, and fluids rectify mistakes on different surfaces.
Examples: Ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerball pens, pencils, highlighters, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, erasers, correction tapes, correction fluids

Write Better Today

Stock up on high-quality writing and correction supplies from Mostaco Marketing and enjoy free delivery and flexible payment terms.
Office Supplies Writing And Correction

Stick with the best

Tapes and adhesives, from scotch tape’s subtle repairs to packaging tape’s sturdy seals, are essential for a functional workspace. Double-sided and mounting tapes discreetly secure items, while glue offers versatile bonding. These tools keep everything organized, from documents to decorations.
Examples: Scotch tape, masking tape, packing tape, double-sided tape, mounting tape, glue, glue sticks

Stick with Mostaco Marketing

Choose Mostaco Marketing for your tapes and adhesives needs, and enjoy free delivery and easy payment terms.
Office Supplies Tapes And Adhesives

File Perfectly

Office essentials like envelopes, folders, and binders help organize documents and correspondence. Archfiles store large volumes of paperwork, while magazine boxes and storage boxes keep materials tidy. File holders, dividers, and clear books categorize files for easy access. Clear sheet protectors and certificate holders preserve important documents.
Examples: Envelopes, folders, binders, archfiles, magazine boxes, storage boxes, file holders, file dividers, clear books, clear sheet protectors, certificate holders

Get Sorted

Get your filing and storage essentials from Mostaco Marketing, enjoying free delivery and flexible payment terms.
Office Supplies Filing And Storage

Hold It Together

Binder clips, paper clips, and staplers are essential for organizing papers in an office. Punchers create holes for binders, thumbtacks and push pins post notices, bookends support books, staple wires refill staplers, sticky notes serve as reminders, and in/out trays help manage document workflow.
Examples: Binder clips, punchers, paper clips, thumbtacks, book ends, push pins, staplers, staple wires, sticky notes, in/out trays

Don’t Let Your Papers Scatter

Stock up on essential office supplies from Mostaco Marketing and enjoy free delivery and flexible payment terms. We make it easy to keep your desk organized and productive.
Office Supplies Desk Accessories

Paper products for every purpose

Our diverse range of office supplies ensures you are always prepared. Capture and preserve memories with photo papers. Organize efficiently with sticker papers and duplicate documents seamlessly using carbon papers. Create eye-catching posters with cartolina and meet specific requirements with specialty papers. Accurately track finances with record and columnar books. Protect important documents with laminating films, draft with vellum boards, and take notes with notebooks and index cards. Use vouchers to authorize payments easily.
Examples: Photo papers, sticker papers, carbon papers, cartolina, specialty papers, record books, columnar books, laminating films, vellum boards, notebooks, index cards, vouchers

Stock Up Now

Stock up on all your specialty paper needs at Mostaco Marketing and enjoy free delivery flexible payment terms on your order.
Office Supplies Paper Products

Stock Up on Office Supplies and Save Big with Mostaco Marketing

From pens and tapes to folders and desk accessories, Mostaco Marketing has everything you need to keep your office running smoothly. Call or contact us today to take advantage of our competitive prices and bulk discounts.
Join the thousands who rely on us for quality office supplies
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68A Lalaine Bennet, Las Piñas

4.7 39 reviews

  • Avatar Emma Joy C Nolasco ★★★★★ in the last week
    fast delivery.
  • Avatar Cy Tejada ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Good Service and Fast delivery
  • Avatar SBC - Jennifer Perez ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    We appreciate the friendly business relationship with you especially the timely completion and the excellent workmanship. Congratulations and More Power to your company
  • Avatar Patricia Cortez ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Easy to transact.Cater to our demands/requests.Deliver orders on time.
  • Avatar Cherwin Evangelista ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Mostaco Marketing is one of the best supplier we have in our company. Giving us the best yet cheap price for our office supplies all year round!
    I highly recommend Mostaco Marketing to others who want great deals and supplies in the metro!
    Godbless ❤️❤️
  • Avatar Dave Corcoro ★★★★★ a year ago
    Easy to transact, always on time on the date of delivery even if the deliveries is on the Province.
  • Avatar Ariel Dairo ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Very accommodating to clients and the delivery is fast.
  • Avatar Ester Sarong ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Very accommodating personalFast TransactionResponsive 100%Highly Recommend this Company
  • Avatar Alma Dela Cruz Soriano ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Very accommodating personnelFast transaction

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Office Supply Questions, Answered.

Mostaco Marketing provides a wide range of office essentials, including paper, pens, folders, binders, adhesives, and other everyday supplies to keep your workspace running smoothly.

Absolutely! We offer fast and free delivery across Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon. For our valued customers in Visayas and Mindanao, we have affordable shipping options to ensure your office supplies reach you conveniently.

We offer flexible payment terms to suit your budget. You can avail of deferred payments with no deposit required. We also accept cash on delivery (COD), check on delivery and bank transfer.

Yes, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable office supplies supplier in Metro Manila. We serve various industries and are committed to providing quality products and excellent service.

We have special offers and discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for more details and to get a personalized quote for your specific office supply needs.

We stand out from the competition with our affordable prices, unmatched customer service, flexible payment terms, and fast, free delivery within Metro Manila.

Our commitment to excellence, customer-centric approach, and dedication to providing hassle-free office supply solutions make us the preferred choice for businesses in Metro Manila.

Placing an order is easy! Simply contact us through phone or email, and our friendly team will assist you in selecting the right products and processing your order.

  • Call our landlines at 02 8804 0440 or 02 7000 6883.
  • Call our mobile phones at 0919 073 5398, 0968 894 8950 or 0917 123 1510.
  • Email us at

Free Delivery, Office Supplies Done Right.

Discover why Mostaco Marketing is the top rated choice for office supplies. Free delivery, flexible payment terms, and the top brands you trust.

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Quality Office Supplies, Free Delivery

Get quality office supplies from Mostaco Marketing. Enjoy free delivery and flexible payment terms. With excellent Google reviews, we’re your trusted partner for all office supply needs. Order now!

Mostaco Marketing IconMostaco Marketing

68A Lalaine Bennet, Las Piñas

4.7 39 reviews