Want to save money on POS journal papers, thermal papers and other POS rolls? Then you should follow the follow 10 tips for saving your cash.

Buy as many rolls as you can

POS paper delivery is expensive. Some courier companies provide discounts on volume deliveries. To minimize the cost, buy as many POS paper rolls as you can.

Buy the optimum roll size

Check if the core size of your POS journal paper and thermal paper roll is essential to the printer. In some printers, a spindle or driver is inserted into the core to feed the paper forward.

Length and diameter do matter

Check the number of meters on each roll and use the maximum diameter for use. Ask your supplier because a few millimeters can save you a lot of cash.

No waste

Make sure there is no paper left before changing with a new roll. Adjust the printer with screws or levers so the printer optimizes the full roll.

Reduce the size of your logo

Reducing the size of your logo on thermal papers can give you large savings.

Excessive Headers and Footers

By reducing the gaps in the headers and footers section can reduce the size of your receipt. These reductions can save many pieces of POS paper rolls.

Margin of Error

By eliminating the size of margins of your transactions can also save you money.

Go coreless

For portable printers, where applicable, select high yield thermal paper coreless rolls which saves 40 percent more paper per roll.

Go Eco

Use eco-friendly rolls which are less expensive than regular rolls.

Using the 10 above tips can help you minimize your POS journal paper and thermal paper cost.

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